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Gracias a todos con los que he tenido la suerte de conectarme hasta ahora en este camino. Qué experiencia tan divina es compartir la presencia con almas tan increíbles en todo este mundo.

Aquí estamos, mientras caminamos a casa a través de los bloqueos, aumentando la conciencia y creciendo juntos en conectividad como una familia global.


Estoy agradecido por estas experiencias contigo. Háblame de tu sesión. Me sentiría honrado de leer acerca de su experiencia única conmigo.

White WIld Flowers
Cloudy Day

Different things were coming to mind, just remembering.. with the session later in the afternoon... It had crossed my mind pretty firmly that Spirit had been guiding me to practice thanks, ..on numerous occasions recently and over the past months..,..


so what you channeled/came through today really drove the point home and was spot on, perfect. 


Thank you for including me in the 1000 thanks.. I really appreciate it...


A myriad  of things came through, and gave me confidence moving forward. 


....Thank you so much for being vulnerable and an open channel, being you.. Later on..I could feel my heart wanting to do the same, open up, pour out. it reminded me of times past, few times... seeing the sacred heart open.., hearing what's true.. 

- Aaron Marvin

Hawaii, United States

Countryside Road_edited.jpg

Wow!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing gift  with me. 


I was desperate for help and direction and wanted to learn of all the unconscious things that were causing me grief and holding me back in this life. 

I prayed to God Eternal - the Divine Source Energy, the Everything that is Everything - for help, and the next day I was presented with Sarah Snow Forest on Mel Denyce's podcast and I knew within minutes my prayer had been answered. 

I didn't, however realize the extent of Sarah's God-given gift; it was like she could invite my mind into her mind and see/know me on many different levels/areas. 

She is a truly gifted, sensitive and caring soul who's here to help those of us who are open, ready to hear and wanting to grow into their full love/light potential.


Thank you, Sarah.

Thank you, Everything.

Love Eternal.

Vic P.


Dandelion Parachute Seed

One of Sarah’s messages to the world is that we are all multidimensional spiritual beings having a human experience, lifetime after lifetime.


My life’s circumstances have been mostly favourable, and I am deeply grateful for everything I have and everyone I’ve met.


Yet, despite all my blessings, I’ve been having this nagging sensation lately that, somehow along the way, I had wandered off my destined spiritual path, and that I wasn’t living my full potential. I sensed an urgency of having to discover more about my path.


My search for answers led me to Sarah. My Soul Path Activation session with her was mind-blowing and eye-opening. The insight and advice I received was so much more than I could have ever hoped for!

From the very beginning of my session with Sarah I felt an instant connection, as if I had known her forever. She is generous and empathetic. She created a space for me where I felt safe, understood and valued.


During our session, she tapped into my soul’s energy, and almost immediately certain emotional blockages and vulnerabilities came to light - a sense of guilt concerning past events, and a fear of having my trust broken again.


Because I hadn’t found the courage to address these painful emotions at the time, I had buried them deep inside.


Sarah helped me realize how this had led to certain repeating patterns in the way I perceived the world and how I acted in my relationships with people (men in particular).


I hadn’t been consciously aware of these patterns, and the realisation put everything into perspective.


Sarah guided the discussion with a loving compassion, and with my best interest in mind. I completely trusted her as she was channelling specific messages for me from the highest spiritual planes.


I will cherish these messages, and I am going to follow through with Sarah’s precious guidance and advice.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Sarah for spreading your light and unconditional love to the world!

Countryside Road

Two years ago, I reached out to Sarah to gain some perspective on my life and what direction I should be heading in. I was feeling lost and uncertain of myself. After hearing Sarah speak on a podcast, I was convinced that she could help me discover my true identity and path.


During our recorded sessions, Sarah listened to me patiently as we worked through my roadblocks. Through our conversations, I gained a deeper understanding of myself and my unique gifts.


Thanks to Sarah's guidance, I am now on a path that feels authentic and fulfilling, and I am excited to see where it leads me.

Scott G.

United States

Pampas Grass

Prior to my first session with Snow, I was in severe physical pain, feeling hopeless, running on empty, and deeply malnourished spiritually, looping on the same issues, like a broken record. Because of this, I was in a chronic state of anxiety and profound disempowerment that was cutting me off from my own inborn creative capacities and solidity as a man. It was getting hard for me to trust in life’s goodness and be positive. Like Snow, I am a guide who supports people to have profound shifts that enable them to come into precision clarity on their life, but no one’s perfect and at times we all need conscious allies advocating for us to show us another way, to rally for the real Spirit inside when we have forgotten how to believe.


Sometimes we simply need a pure, trustworthy heart to boldly perform the risky cut to sever what is blocking the flow of our power in order to connect us to something greater—a more holistic Divine Order. Snow is an oracle and like a psychic surgeon. What led me to seek Snow’s counsel is her compassionate wisdom. She’s no ordinary woman: she is gentle yet at the same time lovingly fierce, a primordial mystic who feels and is attuned to subtle levels of awareness that even some of the greatest guides rarely have access to.

What I appreciated the most about our work together was the way in which she dialed into the heart and core of the matter beneath all of the issues I was struggling while simultaneously weaving all the parts into a greater, holistic tapestry, a theme that I could actually begin to unravel on my own.


Due to her near-death experience, Snow is all love and has no resistance to the flow of life, which makes her an open channel for miraculous insights to flow through her vessel on behalf of those she assists. Her process is very fluid and subtly powerful, like water, and she has an impeccable way of delivering exactly the activations that your soul is thirsting for. My biggest “aha” came after the session in my integration. It’s as though the pieces of the puzzle regarding the underlying causes of my suffering were finally making themselves apparent to me, and this created a cascade of tremendous inner healing. I began having my own next-level mystical revelations. Following the session, my pain lessened, and it was as though my heart was smiling once again at the sheer delight of life.

To commune with Snow in a sacred space let alone be guided by her is to receive some of the most beautiful soul medicine you never imagined existed. Her skillful guidance led me back to my Self in a way that I am eternally grateful for. After the session, I found myself easily breaking through a core wound that had plagued me all my life. I am still integrating the session 1 month later. This work is perfect for open-hearted spiritual seekers who are adamant about perceiving and discerning their life from a higher perspective and want to break through.


If you have serious questions and are seeking definitive answers of the mystical variety, I urge you to get support from Snow. Her Divine messages will likely rivet your being and spark an inner revolution, as they did for me and countless others. My deep love, care, admiration, and celebration to you Snow…thank you for being—the miracle—who you are, a gift to the world.

Aaron Luminous Hearth

United States

Sunset in the Woods

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Sarah.   


She has addressed my health issues with compassion and kindness and gave me many ideas to help myself get healthy again after over 30 years.

Her intuition of feeling my pain was spot on.


I hope to stay in future contact if I need any further help with my issues because she is so approachable.

Shirley B.


Fresh Flower

Sarah was kind, sincere, and super present during our session. She shared insights that totally resonated with my whole being! I feel clearer and more aligned after just one session.


She’s truly gifted and sincere. I never felt rushed and knew I was safe to share.

I HIGHLY recommend working with Sarah. I also can’t wait to talk with her again soon and I’m certain that you’ll feel the same after meeting her

Rachel H.

United States

Muddy Beach


I was a wee bit nervous because I was coming into a brand new space. I didn’t need to be articulate- there were no opinions..just a heart to heart. Yes, she met me where I was. We held a loving space open and shared our joy of continuing the growth of our hearts..deepening our experience within the Beloved. We shared our dreams for the expansion of all hearts. Sarah makes herself very available- a true conduit. I’m overjoyed to have CONNECTED.

Natalie McGuire

United States

Basket and Wild Flowers

The story is what did it for me!

I reached the same point in my life and I HAD to meet you! And I did. 

My life will never be the same!

Thank you for sharing!!!!

I've helped so many souls in just one year after meeting with you. 

Your story ignited every DNA cell in my entire body when I heard it. And I had listened to thousands and thousands of stories after my mom passed/ascended. Every single word you spoke woke up my cells and I needed to know why.


Me booking with you is something I can’t explain I was able to do at that point in my life especially without someone with me for support. I knew I needed to speak with you and asap, I was on zoom with you literally 4 days after I saw you on YouTube.


I never listened to another story again after you looking for answers


I am so proud of who you are and who you fought to bring to the surface for yourself but ultimately souls like me & importantly mother Gaia/earth.


I can only receive or give light messages, positive messages to souls and I believe it’s because the activation I got with you is light, love, positive energy.

Melissa Bruno 

United States

White Theme Bouquet

Sarah is an incredible channel for Spirit. She is a fountain of living water!

Our session was a supercharged divine appointment, full of confirmation, affirmation and encouragement. She brought clarity to those places where I was unclear.

The theme of our time together was Divine Union, and we interfaced together from that place of transcendent unity. I came away with renewed energy and purpose.

Our session was so rich, I’ll be returning to our conversation again and again. I can safely mark our meeting as my launchpad into the future.

It was one of the most precious experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you so much Sarah. xo

Memorial Red Rose

Thank you so much for the amazing session. It is helping tremendously already.


I love and appreciate your beautiful Divine essence radiating joy,


Truth, and Love, a healing balm for us all.

Jennie Anahata

United States

Yellow Flowers

I had a fantastic experience working with Sarah to help resolve my young son's epilepsy.


Sarah was able to intuit extremely helpful suggestions to bring his overall health into a more balanced state.


This led to huge improvements not only in terms of the seizures but also his sleep and overall contentment. Sarah approached our sessions with sensitivity and openness, which I feel allowed them to flow in a very organic way.


I much preferred this to more formulaic approaches we've tired previously, as it felt like she always made the effort to understand.


Through our discussions Sarah also led me to see a much bigger picture in which my own path and my son's are intimately connected.


This has left me with a renewed sense of purpose, especially with regard to the 'little things' in life.


Altogether I found my time working with Sarah very beautiful and I am truly grateful for the experience, which has been one of the most meaningful of my life.


Paul Anderson

United Kingdom

Autumn Road

That day changed my life.


I knew I had to leave the relationship I was in and begin to dismantle the white picket fence. 

Raina Lutz



Sarah, I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are a BEAUTIFUL SOUL

You spoke 100% the truth and thank you for peeling the layers. You gave me understanding, clarity and affirm what I knew all along, I needed this, you guiding me...

I am overflowing with gratitude.

Veronica Cerva

South Africa


Thank you Sarah for our session, ever since I've been learning how to bring my stress down by breathing exercises and as simple as it sounds its helped me tremendously. 

The conversation we had also gave me insight into my past trauma and the affects it still has on me today. 

I am learning to forgive others as well as myself. 

I still have a little ways to go but I'm on the right path and now have the necessary tools. 

I'm forever grateful and highly recommend a session. 

Lethan Williams

United States


Words cannot begin to describe my transformation in the last few months.


I first saw Snow 3 months ago when I was ungrounded, lost and fragmented. I had been going through one of the hardest times in my life. My encounters with Snow take me out of the false perception of reality, break it all down in the most loving and gentle way (but still intense), and even though she isn't physically here with me as I journey through my life day to day, her words and energy are carried with me. She has taught me that no matter how dark it seems, it is all grace and all perfect. 


Her faith, her trust, and her belief in the highest part of me lift me to a higher and higher vibration each day, and I am reminded of who I really am. She has an energy of pure love, acceptance and compassion, and holds space for me powerfully even though she is on the other side of the world. 


I have seen many healers, psychics and coaches, and I have never trusted anyone in the way I trust Snow. Everything she suggests for me aligns with my soul, so I do everything she suggests. This has assisted in a big transformation in such a short period of time. I am so deeply honoured to be on this journey with her.

Thank you, Snow, for what you do. xoxoxox

Debbie Baharian



Querida hermana, siento un despertar de algo diferente en mi interior; una agitación de sentimientos, una expansión en el corazón y tiene una voz. Es silencioso, pero tiene presencia y se siente respaldado por un océano de fuerza.


Estoy caminando con él con suavidad, presenciando y dándole espacio y tiempo para que tome forma natural. ¡¡Estoy emocionado!!  

Me alegro de haber actuado en el momento y haber buscado tu sabiduría eterna, tu poder y tu cuidado terrenal.


Eres un mentor de umbral, un Vidente para los buscadores, llamándolos a salir de las arenas movedizas de la incertidumbre y guiándolos por los caminos de la regeneración y la liberación.  

Usted es una mujer firme y poderosa sobre los pilares de fuerza que Dios le dio.  

Eres un útero de la creación, invitando al sueño, aceptándolo y expresándolo con amor. Le devuelves la fuerza a los inseguros. Como la madre divina, eres un nutriente.  

Que todas las mujeres ocupen su lugar, se apoderen de sus hombres, hijos e hijas y los regulen con el amor que crece.  

Bendiciones y amor

Selase Dugbaza


Beach at Sunset

Fui a Snow en busca de apoyo para curar mi útero, ovario y para regular mis hormonas y emociones.


Era como si supiera lo que me estaba pasando antes de que yo llegara. Su escucha empática, su presencia y sus reflejos encendieron mi propia intuición más profunda y mi autoconciencia.  

Ella me ofreció una variedad de anclas vibratorias, percepciones emocionales y medicina.  

¡Unos meses después de la implementación, mis hormonas y emociones se han regulado significativamente!

Este es un cambio de vida total.

La nieve es una forma de ducha.  Ella guía con mucha compasión, facilidad y amor.  

¡Estoy agradecido de haber trabajado con ella y recomendaría sus servicios!  

Leah Barsher



La nieve ha cambiado mi VIDA.

He trabajado con ella durante aproximadamente 6-7 años y ella me ha apoyado en mi viaje espiritual y también en mi viaje de SALUD GUT.

Recientemente, luchando con mi salud intestinal, Snow realmente me guió hacia un yo más saludable y feliz.

¡Muchas gracias!

Jetty Ly


Tropical Plant

Snow es realmente alguien a quien presto mucha atención mientras habla.


He aprendido mucho de ella sobre vivir en un estado de alta vibración, abrir el corazón y tomar decisiones desde la intuición.


Ella es una de esas personas que realmente puede provocar un sentido expandido de potencial en quienes la rodean.


¡Conéctese con Sarah si está buscando avivar el fuego de su inspiración!


¡¡Vivir más alineado con tu verdadero propósito !!


Conéctate con ella y míralo pasar

Will Deroode 

Hiking Boots

Muchas gracias a Snow Forest de "Labyrinth Holistic Health" ya Tamara McLellan de "My Wild Heart" por brindarme una experiencia de un día que ha cambiado mi vida.  Esta existencia terrenal por así decirlo.

Sarah y Tamara se unieron para ofrecer el taller más increíble de todos los tiempos:

  "Viviendo una vida plenamente consciente"

en el área de Big White / Kelowna en Canadá

Fueron más allá en lo que proporcionaron a nuestro grupo; el día fue abundante en conocimientos y actividades (yoga, senderismo, discusión, meditación, comida, té).

Conectado con otros, marinado en la naturaleza y vitamina D; de verdad, no podría haber pedido más.


Esperando con agrado el próximo evento.


¡Gracias! Namaste

Andrea Tomlinson


Palm Trees Beach View

Guau. Mi sesión fue hace casi una semana y todavía estoy completamente, maravillosamente aturdida.


Fue un verdadero honor hablar y conectarme con Sarah. Ella me ayudó a ver mi verdadero yo y mi camino y afirmó aún más lo que ya sabía en el fondo.


Estoy absolutamente impresionado por su don e intuición.


Aunque la sesión fue virtual, realmente pude sentir la calidez de su amor y apoyo hacia mí y mi viaje aquí.


Gracias, Sarah, por compartir tu don para ayudar a elevar a la humanidad y ayudarnos a ver un camino más claro. Tanto amor.


Nos vemos en mi próxima sesión.

Jazmín williams

Estados Unidos

Snow Forest Road

Sara tiene un conocimiento dentro de ella que es tan sabio y tan tranquilizador ... La recomiendo mucho.


Sabía cosas de mi vida y de mí sin que yo dijera nada.


¡Las palabras no pueden transmitir lo más allá de lo intuitivo que es!

Rachel Stone

Estados Unidos

Mount Fuji in the Spring

Es una experiencia que te deja boquiabierto cuando te comunicas con Snow.!


Alma nutritiva para conectarse con ella, ya que ella se "encontrará" con usted en cualquier lugar de su viaje / propósito / misión en la tierra.

Tina Marie Bueno

Estados Unidos

Abstract Background

Tuve un par de días maravillosos después de la sesión.  Me sentí tan empoderada y mágica ...

Fue indescriptible cómo me ves.

Me sentí profundamente reconocido de una manera que se podía capturar la esencia del reconocimiento con la famosa frase de la película Avatar "Te veo".


Nuestras energías combinadas fueron estimulantes ... WOW

Madison Markis


Rustic Beach Path

Experimenté un poderoso cambio energético anoche, descargas masivas que solo mi alma puede interpretar. No tengo palabras para describir la experiencia porque no tengo nada con qué compararla, para darle un nombre. Esta mente solo puede describirlo como absolutamente asombroso, completamente alucinante jajaja ...

Saber que jugaste un papel como trabajador de la luz y regresaste solo para mi ascensión solo * la oveja perdida * ya antes es abrumador en la mente 3D. La esencia pura del sacrificio es = AMOR 

Melissa Bruno
Estados Unidos

Plant Biology

Durante el último año y medio, Snow ha actuado como un amigo de confianza y un guía, apoyando mis transiciones internas con amor, aliento y perspicacia.


Es increíblemente reconfortante para mí saber que puedo llamar a Sarah cuando estoy pasando por diferentes cambios y temas en mi vida, desde la salud, la muerte y el agravio, hasta las relaciones y los asuntos del espíritu.


Dicho esto, recomiendo encarecidamente trabajar con Snow para una amplia gama de consultas y asistencia.


¡Ha sido un regalo tan hermoso en mi vida! "

Payton Pereux


Home Decor

He tenido dos sesiones increíbles con Sarah.


Ella es como una amiga perdida hace mucho tiempo que nunca supe que tenía.  

¡Ella ha cambiado mi vida!  

Qué bendición tenerla en mi vida. ella me reveló lo que probablemente mi alma estaba tratando de decirme durante mucho tiempo. Seguí su guía y he sido extremadamente feliz desde entonces.  

La recomiendo mucho si quieres saber cuál es el propósito de tu alma en esta vida.  

Tamara Trejo

Estados Unidos

Autumn Road

Recomiendo mucho a Sarah. Ha traído un gran alivio a mi salud en general en un mes.


Ella es muy intuitiva y talentosa.


Planeo aceptar su ayuda para salir de mi enfermedad crónica relacionada con el intestino.  Amo su energía tranquila y amorosa. .

Vineeta  Srivastava Desai  



I am so grateful for Sarah Snow, and immensely glad that I reached out for her mentorship. She helped me to connect some major “life” puzzle pieces that I was struggling with, and walked by my side to a place where I now understand more than I ever have about “the big picture” and how to direct my focus and energy within it.

The space that Sarah creates is sacred, and her presence within it is rich with intuition, love, and grace. She flowed with me in this space, observed what was in my heart, reciprocated joy for the things I had ascertained, and skillfully illuminated staircases toward things I hadn’t.


It felt as if I came to Sarah with a heap of possible “keys” I’d collected all my life, and she helped me to identify and clean the ones that will truly open doors. It was one of the most incredible spiritual growth experiences I’ve had; it was exactly what I needed at this point in my spiritual journey.

- Phil Price

United States

Hot spring in the forest

Working with Sarah gave me clarity on a great many things.


She taught me that my mind has more control over my life than I ever thought, and that to use it I had to find balance within my life and myself.


She was also extremely open to conversation and deep discussions about things, and always is genuinely interested in what I had to say.


She levelled with me in a way nobody ever really had before and I am impressed at just how much my life changed after one session


Highly recommended for anyone. 

Dante Batra

United States


I am beyond blessed to work with Sarah. Not only is she an exceptional human being; she is also profoundly wise intuitive and knowledgeable in her field of expertise.

When I came to her I was seriously unwell and in the shortest time she helped me to overcome and work through my chronic pain and other areas of physical malaise.


I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough. Beautiful inside and out.


As a professional trauma therapist myself I know the importance of a heart to heart connection and Sarah brings this and so much more.


She is a true example of an Angel of Love, Light and Healing.

Carmel Clark



I really wanted to thank you for today, from the very deeps of my soul and the love of God THANK YOU!!!  I promise I will continue working with you. 


There is so much to be said about my appoint with Sarah Snow today. She is genuine, down to earth, and real.


There is no other way of saying this, but I thank God that I had this meeting today. It has reaffirmed and reinforces everything I have known, but not fully acted on.


There are magic moments in one’s life, but this was miraculously amazing.  


Her reading was accurate and precise and touched on not only what I had to work on, but how to connect with others in a major way.  


Thank you, Sarah for bringing back a piece of home. 

Philip E.

United States

Close Up of Pink Roses

Las palabras no pueden empezar a describir mi transformación en los últimos meses.


Vi a Snow por primera vez hace 3 meses cuando no estaba conectado a tierra, estaba perdido y fragmentado. Había pasado por uno de los momentos más difíciles de mi vida. Mis encuentros con Snow me sacan de la falsa percepción de la realidad, lo descomponen todo de la manera más amorosa y gentil (pero aún intensa), y aunque ella no está físicamente aquí conmigo mientras viajo por el día de mi vida para día, sus palabras y energía se llevan conmigo. Ella me ha enseñado que no importa lo oscuro que parezca, todo es gracia y todo perfecto.  


Su fe, su confianza y su creencia en la parte más elevada de mí me elevan a una vibración cada vez más alta cada día, y recuerdo quién soy realmente. Ella tiene una energía de amor puro, aceptación y compasión, y tiene un espacio para mí poderosamente a pesar de que está al otro lado del mundo.  


He visto a muchos sanadores, psíquicos y entrenadores, y nunca he confiado en nadie de la forma en que confío en Snow. Todo lo que ella me sugiere se alinea con mi alma, así que hago todo lo que ella sugiere. Esto ha contribuido a una gran transformación en tan poco tiempo. Me siento muy honrado de estar en este viaje con ella.

Gracias, Snow, por lo que haces. xoxoxox

Debbie Baharian


Orange Blossom

Working with Sarah has been extremely valuable. 

The sessions were full of insights and revelations, to the point where listening to the sessions again (often more than once) was absolutely necessary in order to 'get' everything that was being said. 

the change in my life has been mostly about relaxing more in the awareness that I am, and letting go of the limiting and confused thoughts that pop in, to bigger space of awareness. This may seem like a small thing to get, but it's definitely not, the impact of it has been profound in most (if not all) areas of my life. 

These include a greater sense of peace; a knowing that I am that I am able to face any perceived challenge that comes up in my life; the sense of joy and appreciation for life that has always been in the background of my life has increased and expanded; and I was able to commit to making decision that will for sure change the course of the rest of my life. 

If you're struggling in your life, whether it's because of something specific, or even if you're just bothered by a nagging sense of discontent, work with Sarah and listen to the sessions more than once. If your experience is anything like mine, your experience of life, and your level of awareness will improve a lot!

John S


Calm Lake

I would definitely recommend Labyrinth Holistic Health for anyone seeking healing. 

I got the Emotional Healing Package and it was 100% worth it. I am much better now after our healing sessions and I am eternally grateful for what Sarah has helped me work through. 

Sarah is very gifted and God/Source really works through her to get you what you needs. 

Greg Cox

United States

Sea Salt

...a very heart-felt “Thank you”.  I’m still processing our session and I’m in deep gratitude for you and the “work” we will be doing together in the near future. I’m feeling very different since speaking with you.


My heart is lighter yet, there’s an intensity and focus that’s new…. and a Peace I have rarely felt before. It will be July when we start our next session and I cannot wait! I send you happy thoughts and love. Until we meet again… In gratitude      

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Sarah is endowed with the Holy Light that shines brighter than usual. Her grace and wisdom will help you unfold and feel at home and as if speaking with an old friend.


Her wisdom is deep so listen well and sit on it. Sarah may open a page at random in a book and start reading a portion that seems carved for you.This is in the flow of the Light.


She is opening up to humanity a more clear understanding of the very nature of Jesus. Sarah helped me resolve some of the important lingering questions I had in my soul about Jesus since my deconversion from Christianity's dogmas.


I can witness that she was used by the Divine to give me direction and tools to deal with my burdens that I shared with her. Sarah, Thank you for being real.


Orange Blossom

No words for my appreciation, Sarah.


Just thank you from the depths of my heart.

Kendall LaPorte

United States

Adorable Chick

Sarah (Snow) has helped me so much with things I did not even know myself that I needed to work on.


She is very present, calm, non-judgmental, intuitive and wise.


I highly recommend a session with her no matter what you are seeking in your life. You won't regret it.

Carla Trewitz

United States

Field of Flowers

Speaking to you really solidified my reality and purpose.


That was my biggest hurdle, fully believing what I am and what I’m here to do.


Much love to you and many blessings on your journey.


Jamie Hincapie

United States

Wheat Field

Thank you so much Sarah for today's session. 

I felt such a strong connection with you and your beautiful light and energy. I sincerely appreciated all of the wisdom and insightful guidance that you shared with me. 

I feel such a beautiful sense of love and calmness in this moment. 

I look forward to our next session and connecting again on an even deeper level. 

You are so eloquent in your words and wisdom. I love you, thank you, and sincerely appreciate you. 

You are amazing and such a gift. Thank you for your continued service and inspiration. ✨✨✨


John Jane

United States

Glass Cup

Dear Sarah, 

Wow, that was the best counselling session I ever had. It's like Ive been reading stuff like the 12 steps to learn to meditate and totally missed it and knew I was missing something and asking why isn't this working for me? 

Since our conversation, I totally get stop trying and just be. 

I feel like we got to a huge root that was in my way to progress and so instead of going around the root, we just addressed it, moved through it so it dissolves and we move forward. 

I have been trying so hard for so long, and now I no longer try, I'm just being in the moment, whatever that is. 

Thank you so much. Right now I feel so much joy and peace in knowing that I have choice and so many possibilities. 

Anita Ostrander

United States

Green Leaves

What is experienced in this communication - or rather 'communion' - with Sarah comes from beyond words and beyond physical appearances.


The mind tries to grasp it and does not succeed, but the heart fully embraces it in stillness and in peace.


Sarah, you are a gift to humanity.

Adriaan Van Spanje


Afternoon Light

Sarah (Snow) me ha ayudado mucho con cosas en las que ni siquiera sabía que necesitaba trabajar.


Ella está muy presente, tranquila, sin prejuicios, intuitiva y sabia.

Recomiendo encarecidamente una sesión con ella sin importar lo que estés buscando en tu vida.

No te arrepentirás.

Carla Trewitz

Estados Unidos

Autumn Road

Mis sesiones con Sarah han sido transformadoras.  

Las sesiones ayudaron a darme afirmaciones sobre el propósito de mi vida y me permitieron sentirme aún más centrado.  

Ella también tenía mucho espacio para permitirme sanar mi cuerpo, y en un corto período de tiempo, mis hormonas están reguladas, mi eccema finalmente se está curando y tengo más vitalidad a lo largo del día.  

¡Recomendaría encarecidamente a cualquier persona que quisiera curarse y tener más claridad sobre su vida que conociera a Sarah! 

Bevlyn Khoo



Sarah Snow es una maestra intuitiva de primer orden.  Su capacidad para recibir información está en un nivel que la mayoría no creería posible.  

Sarah es la médium / musa más conectada y talentosa que puedes esperar encontrar cuando buscas sanar, sobresalir o incluso simplemente tener una charla sobre la vida. Ella es una excelente consejera y crítica amigable.  

Hay pocos vivos hoy en día que puedan proporcionar el tipo de servicios que ofrece Sarah. 

Ella es amada.

Atesoro mi tiempo con ella.

Le agradezco todo lo que hace.  


Libertad para Scott

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Tropical Leaves

La nieve es increíblemente adaptable y está llena de sabiduría. Lo que ella comparte conmigo es tan rico, práctico e integrador.


Las herramientas que me ha dado son poderosas, efectivas e inspiran un crecimiento saludable.


Sus consejos son como semillas que no solo están dando cuando se plantan inicialmente, sino que siguen deshaciéndose en su riqueza.


Arroja nueva luz sobre partes de mí mismo de las que soy menos consciente y me brinda mucha claridad para navegar mi vida con más confianza y seguridad en mi valor y me da mucha esperanza en mis momentos de lucha.

Paseos al sol


Climbing Plants

Trabajar con Snow ha sido una gran oportunidad para ver las recompensas del enfoque y la intención.


¡Combinado con la sabiduría y la guía de responsabilidad de un entrenador transformador!

Doug Allen

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La nieve tiene la capacidad de llevarte a un lugar de claridad y alineación, fácilmente sosteniéndote en tu proceso de dejar ir ...


Ella me ha ayudado a alinearme con mi verdad innata para que se puedan recordar aspectos de mi soberanía.

Joy Phan


red flower

Qué gran intercambio contigo Sarah ...


eres increíble y sentí que me conocías profundamente de mi alma y me diste una gran guía.  Siento una fuerte conexión contigo y tus palabras me afirmaron mucho.


Definitivamente los recomendaré a mis amigos, familiares y cualquier persona que necesite orientación sobre su "Camino del Alma".


Eres increíble y estuve literalmente vibrando después. Siento un cambio y definitivamente te buscaré mientras sigo viviendo "a propósito


¡Mucho amor!

Marina Echavarria

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Plant Shadow _edited.jpg

... No puedo agradecer lo suficiente a Sarah por presentarme su trabajo de respiración. Esta es una adición hermosa, simple pero profunda a mi arsenal.


No sé qué va a pasar a continuación, pero algo en mí dice, sigue adelante.

Muchas gracias, Sarah, ahora siento que estoy lista para conocerme. tienes razón, es una activación.


Me alegro de haberte encontrado.

Barbi Barbz


White Flowers

Experimentó una conexión instantánea con Sarah.


Su juventud está en forma humana solo cuando canaliza la sabiduría de alguien que se siente tener un millón de años.


Sarah irradia amor intenso y sabe que eso es profundamente personal.


Me ayudó a conectarme de inmediato con un arquetipo que necesitaba darse a conocer y llenar las piezas de mi propósito divino, que era profundamente profundo y resonante.


Me siento honrado y agradecido de haber tenido la oportunidad de trabajar con Sarah y experimentar su don de sanación y conexión con el universo.



Jennifer Soccorsi

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 ¡Estoy escribiendo esto como seguimiento de la Sesión de Activación del Camino del Alma que me facilitó a principios de esta semana! De buenas a primeras, creó un espacio abierto y acogedor para mí como cliente, ¡y el flujo de la conversación fue tan fácil como revelador!

Sarah es definitivamente el verdadero negocio.

¡Ella me dio una lectura precisa sobre dónde me encuentro en mi viaje espiritual, el papel de un ser querido en mi vida y consejos prácticos sobre cómo tomar mi poder! No solo su sabiduría es invaluable, su presencia también es increíblemente amorosa.

La sesión fue como ponerse al día con un viejo amigo.

Estoy muy agradecida por la experiencia de trabajar con ella y espero poder utilizar sus servicios en el futuro. Si está considerando trabajar con Sarah en cualquier puesto, le animo a que lo siga.

Ray Ketty

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Mi sesión con Snow fue verdaderamente transformadora.


Aprender sobre el propósito de mi alma y comunicarme en un nivel vibratorio alto fue una conexión muy necesaria.


Llegué a la sesión sintiéndome sin conexión a tierra y un poco confundido.

Salí sintiéndome centrado y conectado con mi verdad más elevada.


Recomiendo Snow a cualquiera que busque orientación a lo largo de su camino.


Tenemos el poder y el conocimiento ...


La nieve solo nos ayuda a recordar y traernos de regreso.

Al'der Mehani


California Academy of Sciences

Hay mucho que decir sobre mi cita con Sarah Snow hoy.  

Ella es genuina, con los pies en la tierra y real.  

No hay otra forma de decir esto, pero agradezco a Dios que tuve esta reunión hoy.

Ha reafirmado y reforzado todo lo que he sabido, pero no he actuado en su totalidad.


Hay momentos mágicos en la vida de uno, pero esto fue preciso y tocó no solo en lo que tenía que trabajar, sino también en cómo conectarme con los demás de una manera importante.  

Gracias Sarah, por traerme un pedazo de casa.  

Phillip Elcock

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Wild Flowers

Creo en la serendipia / sincronicidad, como se llame. Conocer a Sarah, aunque virtual, es fortuito.  

Soy muy afortunado de cruzarme con esta hermosa y generosa persona.  

Mis conclusiones de nuestra sesión son 'sé consciente al usar' debería 'y' podría 'y' es tu propia voz la que escuchas cuando tu yo superior se comunica contigo 'porque esperaba un extraño susurro en el aire.: P  

Sarah, gracias desde el fondo de mi corazón. 

Me ayudaste a encontrar la respuesta a una pregunta fundamental con la que he estado lidiando durante más de 20 años.  

Langkara Larow


My session with Sarah was a catalyst in connecting my spiritual experiences with my practical life and the expansion that I felt burgeoning.


Elements of my life that once felt erratic, intense and startling, came into alignment with her guidance and intuitive nudging.


What was central to the potency of the session was Sarah’s insistence on lifting the sublime nature and simplicity of an awakened life that I felt existed but could not find. It is with a gentle whisper we are all changed,


Sarah speaks with these whispers, fluently, so much so that she helped me find and trust it within myself.


What she offers is a confident companion willing to take your hand and help you find your way home after the street lights have come on… be prepared to meet yourself.”





United States

Yellow And White Flowers

I am still glowing after my session with Sarah yesterday and looking forward to listening to the recording. 


It was a beautifully wholistic, symbiotic connection that got right to the heart of the matter and felt like an on the spot healin